Terms and Conditions

  1. 50% Deposit is required to secure booking. (Non-refundable)
  2. If either party seeks to vary or cancel the contract, this can only be done through mutual agreement.
  3. Cancellation of a booking, without the consent of the proprietor, or failure to arrive on the due date, whatever the reason, will result in the proprietors claim to compensation.


  1. If you have to cancel your booking for whatever reason cancellation must be made in writing, or if booked via e-mail this will be acceptable, by the person who made the booking.
  2. Such cancellation will become effective from the date it reaches our office and a charge payable by you will be levied to compensate us for our estimated losses.
    Such charge is calculated in accordance with the following scale together with any administration costs incurred:
    **Over 21 days-deposit.
    **7-20 days-50% of total cost
    **Less than 7 days-full cost

Late Checkouts

  1. Late checkouts are charged at £10 per hour past 10.30am. (Part hours are charged as a full hour).

Damages, Breakages and Antisocial Behaviour

  1. Respect, Courtesy and Dignity are the standards by which patrons will be dealt with whilst at our establishment. Unfortunately there are a few who do not treat our staff or property in a similar manner and for those we need these regulations. You are responsible and liable for any breakages or damages, which you and/or those that accompany you, whether they are staying in the hotel or not, cause to the hotel, accommodation, its contents and associated parts.
  2. We ask that you report any incidents as they occur. While we do not normally charge for minor accidental breakages we will charge and debit your card for the full cost of all other breakages, missing items and for the replacement and/or making good of any damage.
  3. We may also make a further charge of £50 if you did not report such an occurrence. Additionally there will be a charge of £100 for soiled bedding, towels, carpets, furnishings and décor caused by, but not limited to, smoking, vomit, food and drink stains, blood and bed wetting. The hotel will also charge in full for any lost room nights resulting from any such damage and incidents mentioned in these conditions.
  4. Excessive noise, unruly and threatening behaviour and the like which causes inconvenience and discomfort to our other guests and/or staff is not acceptable. Such behaviour will result in the offending person/s being asked to vacate their room and leave the hotel premises but will be charged for their booked stay.

No Smoking

  1. From the 1st July 07 The Bromley became a NO SMOKING PREMISES in order to comply with the new law and to comply with Health & Safety Regulations for Staff. Therefore smoking in bedrooms and within the hotel property boundaries, internal & external is against the law (a criminal offence) and strictly prohibited.
  2. A fine covering the cost of at least a 3 night stay will be levied to those that do and the person who made the booking will be deemed responsible even if his/her husband/wife/partner/friend/colleague or one of their visitors is the smoker. They (all occupants of the offending room) will also be asked to vacate their room and leave the hotel premises but will be charged for the booked stay and any other nights that the room cannot be used due to smoke contamination in addition to the smoking levy and when necessary the dry cleaning of curtains and carpets.


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